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Protsiuk Ol’ha Viktorivna, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor. 

Endocrinologist of the first category.

Author of 18 scientific and methodological publications. 


Kovalenko Ol’ha Yevhenivna, MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor.

Neurological and reflexologist of higher qualification categories.

MD, Dr. Sc. since 2007. In 2010 was given a rank of Full Professor. In June, 2012 became Full Professor of the Department of Family Medicine and Outpatient Care. In 2007-2013 was a Chief Freelance Specialist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Reflexology.

Author of over 300 publications. She is a co-author of 6 textbooks, 2 monographs, 1 manual, 11 guidelines, 7 declaration patents for invention and useful models; holds the copyright for a work and also rationalizations. She is a scientific supervisor of 8 PhD theses and 1 doctoral thesis; member of Specialized Scientific Board in Neurology and Family Medicine. 


KLYMENKO Liliana Viktorivna, MD, PhD, Associate Professor.

Since 2013 has been Assistant Professor of the department.

The total number of published works is 63, of which there are 10 articles in specialized scientific publications recommended by the SAC of Ukraine, 6 articles in international journals included in the scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science, 11 abstracts of reports at national and international scientific and practical conferences, registered 2 patents of Ukraine for a utility model, is a co-author of 3 methodological recommendations, 1 information letter and 4 innovations

In 2011 she defended PhD thesis.

Since January 2016 is an Associate professor of the Department of Family Medicine and Outpatient Care.

In 2019, she received the title of Associate Professor of the Department of Family Medicine and Outpatient Care.

Cardiologist of the highest category.

Author and co-author of 63 published works.

He is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine, the Association of Family Doctors of Kyiv and the Kyiv Region, and a member of the international association EURACT.

Silina Tetiana Mykolaivna, MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor.  

Professor of the Family Medical Department and Out Patients Dispensary Halp of Shupik National Healthcare University of Ukraine.

1979 – Finished Zaporozhye Medical institute, cpecialized as “medical affair’’.

1980 – Intern in midwifery and gynaecology.

From 1980 worked as practical doctor – gynaecologist at consultation office of maternity hospital № 4 towns Zaporozhye.

1982 – Lecturer of Surgery faculty at the Zaporozhye State Medical institute.

1984-1989 – post graduate work at Surgery Faculty.

1987-1993 – instructor-teacher at Surgery department and Topographic Anatomy at Doctor’s advanced training Institute in Zaporozhye and the instructor teacher of Zaporozhye State Medical Institute for students.

1997-2006 – assistant professor of Surgery Department and Topographic Anatomy Medical Institute in Zaporozhye.

2005 defend thesis for the doctor’s degree of medical sciences « Age morpho-function peculiarities of ovarian, uterus and uterine tubes are in norm and by the influens of estrogens in the experiment» and became a doctor of Medicine.

2006-2010 – the Chief of the Mycrobiology, Mycrovirous and Immunology department at State Medical Institute in Zaporozhye.

2010-2012 - the Professor of Immunology and Biochemistry Department at Zaporozhye National University.

From 2013 the Professor of the Family Medical Department and Out Patients Dispensary Halp our University.

The autor of 230 sciens and methodical works, 3 author’s witnesses and 1 patent.

Participator of international Congresses in Germany, Czechia, Poland, France, Izrail.

The guiding of the science work is – the close studing structure functional organization of women’s

Organs in age peculiarities in gynacolody under the influence of endo- and eczofactors in association with immunogenesis. Development of preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation areas for obstetric care at the primary level.

Oleksandr Yevgenovich KONONOV - MD, PhD, of the department of family medicine and ambulatory polyclinic care of P. L. Shupyk National Medical University.

Otorhinolaryngologist of the highest category.

Oleksandr A. Galushko, MD, PhD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor,

Has been working at the department since 2021.

Area of research: emergency care for patients with urgent conditions, intensive care for patients with diabetes mellitus, theoretical and practical aspects of fluid therapy, healthy lifestyle, antiaging and active longevity programs.