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An important contribution to the diagnostic and treatment work of Shupyk NHU of Ukraine is made by the Clinic of Reproductive Technologies (2011) of the Ukrainian State Institute of Reproductology of Shupyk NHU of Ukraine. The Clinic carries out state-funded treatment of infertility using ART methods in couples with invariable indications referred by the commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Annually, on average 106 couples receive quality medical care. Since 2011, the clinic has conducted about 700 IVF programs; the average percentage of pregnancy was 45%. Due to the programs more than 210 children were born.

The Dental Practical and Training Medical Center (DPTMC) was created to deliver high-quality dental care for the population and to provide conditions for educational and scientific processes at dental department.

Annually, the doctors of the Center provide medical care to more than 65 thousand patients.

The internship doctors and the students of the courses of pre-certification, thematic advanced training, specialization, practical training in Preventive Dentistry are trained at the basis of DPTMC.