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Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine is a leading institution of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, a modern scientific and medical center with 229 Doctors of Sciences and 341 Candidates of Sciences (PhD), of which 155 are Full Professors and 255 are Associate Professors. Today the University employs: 8 academicians of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and 12 corresponding members of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. 

There are 70 departments at the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, which are organized into the following academic units: 

  • Institute of Postgraduate Education
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics;
  • Faculty of Dentistry;
  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Prevention.

Our students and trainees improve and develop their practical skills at the Andriy Tkachenko Simulation Methods Training Center. The training is carried out in accordance with international practices, using modern equipment, apparatus, and simulators of the Center and ensuring maximum safety of physicians during training. 

The departments and clinical bases of the university provide all conditions for obtaining the following types of quality education: 

  • Higher education at the second (master's) level in medical (pharmacy, public health, clinical psychiatry) and non-medical specialities (public administration and administration, social work);
  • Higher education at the third (scientific) level in postgraduate studies in many specialties and doctoral studies (there are 6 specialized academic councils);
  • Internship training (for graduates of higher medical schools);
  • Advanced training of physicians of all specialities and pharmacists at the stage of continuous professional development (courses of specialization (more details), thematic improvement (more details), master classes, conferences, etc;
  • Pre-higher education in the specialty of dentistry (obtaining a specialty and professional development of nurses and dental assistants). 

Every year the University develops and updates more than 100 curricula and programs of thematic improvement courses, publishes more than 60 titles of educational and methodological literature (textbooks, teaching and methodological manuals, reference books) for use in the educational process. 

In Shupyk NHU of Ukraine, English language education for all disciplines has been introduced since 2016. 

Every year the University conducts about 1.5 thousand courses, trains 2.5 thousand interns and 23 thousand physicians and pharmacists. The educational base of the University is located in the administrative and laboratory buildings with a total area of about 8 thousand square meters. 

The scientific findings of the University's scientists are valued both in Ukraine and in the world. The results of the research work of the University's academic staff over the past twenty years are reflected in more than 500 monographs, 130 textbooks, 600 manuals, 190 reference books, 950 guidelines and information sheets, and 640 patents. Over the past 35 years, the University's scientists have received more than 560 copyright certificates for inventions, some of which have been patented in the United States, Italy and other countries. 

The University is a co-founder of 21 printed media (scientific and scientific-practical publications), 6 of which are indexed by the international scientific and metric database Scopus (Women's Reproductive Health; Modern Pediatrics. Ukraine; Surgery of Childhood (Ukraine); Ophthalmology Eastern Europe; Ukrainian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery; Family Medicine. European Practices), 17 journals are included in the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine of category "B". The following journals are published with the scientific support of the University: Diagnostics and Treatment of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology; Medicines of Ukraine; Art of Treatment. 

The University is a member of the Magna Charta Universitatum and the European Academy of Natural Sciences, and is also represented in the UK National Recognition Information Centre catalog. 

The staff of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine is constantly expanding international cooperation, our partners in scientific, educational and medical aspects of cooperation are more than 40 institutions and organizations, including: Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), University of Colorado (USA), Jagiellonian University (Poland), Royal College of General Practitioners (UK), University of Bari (Italy), Slovak Medical University, Maastricht University (Netherlands), University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Alberta (Canada), Queen's University Belfast (Northern Ireland), and MedGlobal charitable organization. 

The University has a tradition of awarding honorary titles (Doctor Honoris Causa and Professor Honoris Causa) to renowned scientists from foreign countries. Professor Theodor Helbrugge (Germany), Professor Albert Schinzel (Switzerland) became Honorary Doctors of the University, and the Alternative Nobel Prize winner George Vitoulkas (Greece), Professor Hubertus von Voss (Germany), Professor Ktibor Weiss (Austria), Trevor Gibbs (Great Britain), and Maciej Smetanski (Poland) became Honorary Professors. The University co-organized the Association "Medinformatics" with representation in Canada, the USA, Germany, Vietnam, China, and Bulgaria. 

Provision of medical care is an important component of the activities of the Shupyk National Health Center of Ukraine, which was significantly complicated in 2022 by the conditions of martial law. However, the academic staff of our departments remain faithful to their professional duty. Thus, in this year alone, a large amount of medical care was provided: 96941 patients were treated, including more than 12467 in inpatient and 84474 in outpatient departments of health care facilities; 143114 consultations were provided. Patients who receive medical care are usually diagnostically complex, have severe and complicated diseases, and require high-level surgical interventions. In 2022, 17921 such patients were operated on, and 95043 medical and diagnostic procedures were performed. 

To conduct educational and scientific activities and provide medical care, the university has 247 clinical bases in health care institutions of different departmental subordination in Kyiv and 12 administrative-territorial units of the country. 

The medical and diagnostic work is carried out by the academic staff of clinical departments and physicians of two structural subdivisions of the university, who carry out medical practice: Dental Practical and Training Medical Center and the Clinic of Reproductive Technologies, provided continuously, despite the limitation of material resources and physical overload. 

In 2023, in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of September 12, 2023, No. 1026 "Some Issues of Implementation of the Framework Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Austria on Economic Cooperation in Project Development". According to it, the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine was appointed as the customer of the project "Construction and Equipping of a Modern University Clinic". 

On September 28, 2023, the election of the rector was held at the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine. According to the results of the voting and on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Professor Viacheslav Kaminsky, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, became the rector of the University. 

At all stages of its existence, the University staff has made and continues to strengthen its professional contribution to the treasury of Ukrainian medicine by providing quality educational activities, implementing the latest diagnostic and therapeutic measures, introducing sound and popular scientific research to preserve and improve the health of the population of Ukraine. 

The new forms of education including webinars, electronic textbooks and distance education technologies are practiced successfully.