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The goal of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine is progressive development as an innovative educational, scientific and medical center of Ukraine, which, according to national and international standards (including the international standard ISO 9001:2015), will provide:

  1. Training and continuous professional development of competitive specialists who are ready to implement the latest technologies in Ukraine and abroad.
  2. Training of scientific, academic staff and their certification.
  3. Conducting state-of-the-art scientific research and promoting the implementation of its results in healthcare practice.
  4. Provision of highly qualified medical care to the population at clinical bases and in the structural subdivisions of the Shupyk NHU of Ukraine, which carry out medical practice, and participation in management activities to improve it in Ukraine.
  5. Expanding international cooperation in higher education and science.

Strategic directions:

  1. Continuous improvement of the quality of educational services, which is the basis for the development of the Shupyk NHU of Ukraine in the interests of the students and all stakeholders. Focusing on meeting the current and future needs of consumers of educational services, as well as anticipating their expectations. Building a system of communication with stakeholders, which will allow achieving the best effectiveness of relations, make a significant contribution to the training, retraining and advanced training of specialists in accordance with the needs of society and the labor market, preserve public health and develop medicine, meet the needs of society and the country through quality medical education and medical consulting services.
  2. Formation of the model of activity of the Shupyk NHU of Ukraine based on the combination of education, science, medical practice and innovations, ensuring integration into the international academic space. Development of the local regulatory framework of the Shupyk NHU of Ukraine, achievement of academic, organizational and financial autonomy, democratization of the management system
  3. Formation of the socio-cultural motivational environment of the Shupyk NHU of Ukraine, improvement of social protection of employees, which promotes professional growth, ensures high quality education, acquisition of new knowledge and its transfer to students, dynamic development of research and innovation. Fostering an attitude to quality assurance in all areas of activity as a priority task for every employee of the Shupyk NHU of Ukraine.
  4. Development of financial, informational, logistical and infrastructural support for educational and scientific processes and consultative medical care at the Shupyk  NHU of Ukraine.