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For the period 2013-2022 published:

successfully defended 3 candidate's and 1 doctoral theses, which were completed under the supervision of Prof. Matyukha L.F. and 2 candidate theses under the supervision of prof. O. Ye. Kovalenko;

successfully completed 3 master's theses (under the supervision of Prof. Matyukha L.F., Prof. Kovalenko O.Ye., Prof. Silina T.M.);

195 printed works were published in domestic scientific publications;

33 printed works were published in foreign scientific publications, including 24 works in scientific publications included in the Scopus scientometric database;

368 reports were made at domestic conferences, congresses, symposia, congresses, seminars, including those with international participation;

14 reports were made at foreign congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars;

received 8 utility model patents;

about 30 implementations have been made;

14 innovations were made;

The person responsible for the scientific work of the Department of Family Medicine and Outpatient Care is MD, Professor Oleksandr Anatoliyovych Galushko.

As part of the initiative research work, the department carried out 10 studies for obtaining the scientific degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences and Doctor of Medical Sciences (7 - under the supervision of Prof. Matyukha L.F., 3 - under the supervision of Prof. Kovalenko O.Ye., 2 - under the supervision of under the guidance of Prof. Shekera O.G.)

During the reporting period, post-graduate students of the department:

received 8 utility model patents;

75 works were published in scientific and professional publications;

24 works were published in publications included in the SCOPUS database

368 reports were made, 14 of them at international events abroad;

30 introductions into the therapeutic and pedagogical process were made.

Employees of the department made about 670 reports at conferences with international participation, including 24 at foreign conferences.