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Provision of medical care is an important component of the activities of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, which was significantly complicated in 2022 by the conditions of martial law.  The medical and diagnostic work was carried out by the academic staff of 68 clinical departments and physicians of two structural subdivisions of the university engaged in medical practice: Dental Practical and Training Medical Center and the Clinic of Reproductive Technologies. 

For educational and scientific activities, provision of medical care, the University has 247 clinical bases in health care institutions of different departmental subordination, the vast majority of which are located in Kyiv (210). In 2022, the university cooperated with health care institutions in 12 administrative and territorial units of the country. 

In the reporting period, medical care was provided to the following number of patients: 96941 patients were treated, of which more than 12467 were treated in inpatient and 84474 in outpatient departments of health care facilities; 143114 consultations were provided. Patients who receive medical care are usually diagnostically complex, have severe and complicated diseases, and require surgical interventions of a high level of complexity. In 2022, 17921 such patients were operated on. A total of 95043 medical and diagnostic procedures were performed.

In the conditions of martial law, the academic staff of clinical departments:

  • carried out a large-scale work on training physicians in the reception of the wounded and the mass admission of wounded and injured military and civilian population to the health care facility (principles of medical triage, stratification by severity, complexity and nosological principle, formation of rational (diagnostic) logistics from the reception department to the operating unit, formation of the composition of duty and operating teams according to the priority of emergency surgical care)
  • performed surgical interventions for gunshot, shrapnel and mine-blast wounds;
  • carried out considerable consultative work among the medical and surgical community on choosing the optimal medical and diagnostic tactics for further support of the clinic's operated patients evacuated to other medical institutions of our country, as well as primary patients in medical institutions of cities and their regions;
  • made extensive efforts to establish relations with volunteer and charitable organizations of our country and Poland, Germany, Switzerland, etc., ensuring that the clinical bases receive a large amount of valuable and much-needed humanitarian medical aid of surgical direction, medicines, consumables, etc;

  • taking into account membership in specialized European medical societies and active civic position, participated in drawing attention to the genocide of the Ukrainian people and the consequences of active hostilities and creating decisive action by the international medical community against the aggressor country;
  • participated in the rapid establishment of the optimal operation of the civilian surgical department and the hospital as a whole to be ready to provide emergency surgical care to the military and civilians during active hostilities. This is reflected in the training and methodological work with physicians and nursing staff of the hospital to organize the reception of patients and the wounded, rational triage and timely delivery of prepared patients to the operating room;

  • provided treatment for the most seriously injured and sick patients, and conducted remote consultations around the clock in Kyiv and the region via telephone, video and audio;
  • from the first days of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine actively joined and led the organizational work on reformatting the medical departments of Kyiv clinics to the conditions of hostilities;
  • carried out a large-scale work to train physicians in receiving the wounded and mass admissions of injured in Kyiv hospitals. This work also included holding master classes with clinicians and cycles of educational lectures;
  • from March to June alone, treated 11,163 patients, consulted 46,605 patients in person, 21,396 patients remotely (online), operated on 5,819 patients, conducted 1,576 histological examinations and 24 autopsies

  • At the clinical departments of the University, 479 academic staff members carried out medical and diagnostic activities.

Recognition of the high level of medical qualification of the university's academic staff is confirmed by their work as experts in various expert groups, in particular, 61 academic staff members are experts of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in various specialties as full professors and associate professors, 59 academic staff members are members of the expert groups of the State Healthcare Department of the Kyiv City State Administration and 42 were nominated at the request of the State Healthcare Department of the Kyiv Regional State Administration, which was approved by the relevant orders.

Work was carried out in groups for the development of clinical protocols by experts in clinical expert committees, in working groups to develop amendments to legislation, etc.

In order to determine the level of satisfaction with the services provided, a survey was conducted among stakeholders: patients and management of healthcare facilities (chief physicians, deputy chief physicians and heads of departments of clinical bases). A total of 3,626 patients were surveyed and 98.0% of positive responses were received. A survey of 163 chief physicians, deputy chief physicians and heads of departments of clinical bases where clinical departments are located showed 100% satisfaction with the medical and diagnostic work performed by the departments' academic staff. Thus, the results of the anonymous survey revealed significant satisfaction of patients and management of clinical bases with the level of medical care provided by the academic staff of clinical departments. The anonymous survey of physicians contributes to the development of further joint activities between the departments and departments of health care facilities, which is reflected, in particular, in the weekly full professor/associate professor visits to patients in inpatient facilities: 7074 in the reporting year (68250 patients were examined).

The university has two structural units that provide medical care: The Dental Practical and Training Medical Center ("DPTMC") and the Reproductive Technologies Clinic, which are certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The DPTMC has 6 treatment rooms, 2 surgical and orthopedic rooms, a dental laboratory, physiotherapy and X-ray rooms. In 2022, the center's capacity amounted to 34966 visits, 34472 patients were treated, 784 operations, 3336 extractions, and 1709 diagnostic and treatment procedures were performed.

Physicians of the University Dental Practical and Training Medical Center provided emergency dental care to the population and soldiers of the Territorial Defense during the period of military operations

The DPTMC was founded on February 17, 1964 (Dental Polyclinic of the Kyiv Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians) and has been located at the premises at 1 A Shevchenko Boulevard, Kyiv. In 2021, the University implemented the first stage of the Strategy for the Establishment of the University Clinic of the Shupyk National Healthcare University for 2021-2025 with step-by-step measures for the development of clinical activities. In particular, on the basis of the DPEMC, the resource base for the establishment of the University Clinic of the Shupyk National Health Care University was formed, and measures were taken to repair non-residential premises to accommodate the DPTMC, as part of the University Clinic, at 7 T. Dreiser Street.

Due to changes in legislation regarding the terms of lease of municipal property, in order to preserve the health care facility itself and, accordingly, the possibility of providing dental care to the population on acceptable terms and ensuring the educational process for interns as an internship base, the occupied premises were abandoned in December 2021.

Instead, the DPTMC started its activities in 2022 at other addresses:

- Theodora Dreiser Street, 7, letter B, 2nd floor, dormitory premises (premises under operational management);

- Mykola Pymonenko Street, 10 - A - premises of the «Kyiv Dentistry» (leased premises);

- Dorohozhytska Street, 9 - the central office of the NHU of Ukraine (premises under operational management).

The activities of the Reproductive Technologies Clinic are aimed at improving women's reproductive health. In 2022, the Clinic for Reproductive Technologies treated 301 women in day care and 22248 outpatients, performed 21956 diagnostic and 12349 treatment procedures, and performed 7436 laboratory tests.

In Ukraine, in general, in 2022, at the reproductive medicine centers, at the expense of the State Budget of Ukraine under the budget program CPCEL 2301400 "Provision of medical measures of certain state programs and complex program measures" in the direction "Procurement of medicines, immunological preparations, medical devices, other goods and services" in the part "Procurement of medicines and small laboratory equipment to ensure the treatment of infertility of women using assisted reproductive technologies", a total of 332 couples were treated for infertility using ART.

In 2022, the Family Planning and Assisted Reproductive Technologies Department with an endocrine gynecology room and a day hospital (5 beds) of the Reproductive Technologies Clinic of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine provided treatment to 234 infertile couples using ART methods in absolute terms for budgetary funds (which is 70, 48% of the total number of couples treated in Ukraine under the budget program), the percentage of pregnancy after ART methods is high - 52.1%, which is in line with international standards. In 2022, 32 children were born (30 births).

The number of couples who have undergone infertility treatment using assisted reproductive technologies at the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine is growing every year (in 2020 - 101, 2021 - 136, 2022 - 234). Taking into account martial law and military operations in the regions, migration of the population, the Reproductive Technologies Clinic has taken over the treatment of infertile couples with ART methods from other reproductive medicine centers at its facilities in absolute terms for budgetary funds in 2022 and 350 cycles were planned for 2023