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1918 - 1929 Professor LEVITSKY Mykhaylo Andreevich

1929 - 1946 Private associate professor VASYUTINSKY Anatoliy Georgievich

1946 Associate Professor RUMYANTSEVA Apolinariya Fedorivna

1946 - 1953 Professor YUZEFOVА Faina Isakivna

1953 - 1954 Assistant of professor KUDA Maria Grygorivna

1954 - 1964 Associate Professor GERASIMENKO Tikhon Nikiforovich

1964 - 1978 Professor SHEVALOV Volodymyr Yevgenovych

1978 - 2008 Professor SERGIENKO Mykola Markovich

since 2009 Professor RYKOV Sergiy Olexandrovych

 The Department of Ophthalmology was founded in 1918. 

Full Professor Mykhailo A. LEVYTSKYI

Privat-Docent Anatoliy G. VASIUTYNSKYI

Full Professor Volodymyr Ye. SHEVALIOV

Full ProfessorMykolaM. SERGIENKO 

In 1918, the Kiev Institute for the Enhancing of Physicians qualification was founded. The Department of Ophthalmology is the same age as the Institute for the Enhancing of Physicians qualification. The first head of the Department of Ophthalmology was his rector Professor M.A. Levitsky, who headed it until 1929. The main base of the department was the ophthalmology department of the October Revolution Hospital (now the Kyiv Central City Clinical Hospital) and the surgery of ophthalmology located on the corner of Taras Shevchenko Boulevard and Repin Street (the modern administrative building of the Academician O. Bogomolets National Medical University). In 1923, the base of the department expanded adding the surgery of ophthalmology and in-patient department with 9 beds in the premises of Saksagansky Street, 75 (now - Institute of Occupational Hygiene).

In 1929-1946, the department was headed by Professor A. G. Vasyutinsky, a well-known ophthalmologist of his time, the author (together with the staff of the department) of "The Course of Operative Ophthalmology for Doctors", the creator of a giant magnet, the first in the former USSR, used for the removal of external intraocular bodies. The clinic of ophthalmology of the Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital is still named after Professor A.G. Vasyutinsky.                                                                                                                    The Department of Ophthalmology of the Kiev Institute for the Enhancing of Physicians qualification (now - the P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Health of Ukraine) has resumed its activities at the clinical base of the Kyiv Regional Hospital. In the years 1946-1953, Professor F. I. Yuzefova (doctoral thesis „Metastatic TB of the eye and its tuberculin therapy”) headed the department; in 1953-1954 the duties of the head of the department were performed by the assistant professor M.G. Kuda, who was replaced in 1954-1964 by the associate professor T. I. Gerasimenko.

In 1964 Professor V. Ye. Chevalov, a student of Academician V. P. Filatov, who had moved to Kiev from Odessa, becamfe the head of the department. His authority and high professional skills contributed to the intensification of the department's work. The clinical base has expanded due to the creation of a second ophthalmologic clinic for 120 beds in the Kyiv city hospital №6 "Medmystechko". At that time, he was a leading specialist in the former USSR in the field of retinal detachment treatment, using the most advanced technologies (injection of silicone oil into the cavity of eye, laser coagulation). He is the author (in co-authorship with Yu. D. Babanina) of the monograph "Operative treatment of retinal detachment" (1965) and a monograph on the transplantation of the wall channel for the treatment of an incurable disease - xerosis. The mentioned book was reprinted in English in the US in 1962. The staff of the department: associate professors I.S. Rusetsky, Y.G. Mileyko, Yu.V. Bakbardin, V.A. Emilit, L.I. Kazanets, A.V. Komihova and the head of the department G.V. Bocharov made a significant contribution in the development of domestic ophthalmology, developing and introducing new methods of surgical treatment, especially for such a serious disease as retinal detachment. The department has gained authority and recognition in the Soviet Union and in the whole world. During the 1965-1977, Professor B.E. Chevalov was the chief ophthalmologist of the Ministry of Health of the USSR.

In 1978-2008, the winner of the State Prize of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Mykola M. Sergienko, headed the department of ophthalmology. Professor M.M. Sergienko is known in ophthalmology as a specialist in the field of physiological optics and eye microsurgery. In the 1960s, he performed a unique study of measuring small optical aberrations of the eye and assessing their effect on vision, resulting in the first in the world scientific substantiation of the human eye's ability to have super-high vision (3.0 or more), and also in explanation of about 10 mysterious phenomena in the work of the visual analyzer. The value of the research of Professor M. Sergienko was appreciated in the world. In 1996-1998, with his participation and international financial support, physicists and engineers from Kyiv created the world's first wavefront aberrometer. It was a device based on modern technology, which realized the idea of ​​Professor M. Sergienko. Thus, a new direction in ophthalmology arose, which began to develop at a rapid pace. Every year abroad seminars and congresses devoted to wave aberrometry are held abroad. In a tough competition, the world's leading companies are developing new systems of aero-meters, but the Kiev variant remains the best for today. In 2001, in Germany, ultra-high vision of 3.0. was obtained by laser correction of small optical aberrations of the eye. Research in this direction is ongoing. The Department of Ophthalmology is known in Ukraine and in the world by its latest developments in ophthalmosurgery and refractive surgery.

In order to revitalize the implementation of the latest medical technologies in Ukraine, in Kyiv, a photo-optic-mechanical laboratory was created in the structure of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 6 "Medmystechko" in 1979, which was engaged in the development and introduction of new models of artificial lenses. In 1980, the Ministry of Health and the State Planning Committee of the USSR allocated target funds for the research work "Development and implementation of implantation of artificial lenses in Ukraine", based on the model of the lens proposed by Professor M. M. Serhiyenko. Due to this, a department of eye microsurgery was created at the Kiev Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery. In the department Z.F. Veselovskaya, O.Z. Stavnychuk, A.Ya. Pichile and others worked. The project leader was Professor M.M. Sergienko. During 7 years of work, numerous studies were carried out, new models of artificial lenses were developed, the necessary technical documentation was prepared and experimental operations were carried out at the clinics of Academician S.M. Fedorov (Moscow) for the removal of cataracts and implantation of created models of artificial lenses. The permission of the Ministry of Health of the USSR for the widespread use of Ukrainian models of artificial lens in clinical practice was obtained in 1987.

For the successful implementation of that complex research project its author's team (M.M. Sergienko, Z.F. Veselovsky, O. Z. Stavnychuk, A. Ya. Pichile, I. M. Logai) was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in branches of science and technology in 1988. A lot of work was carried out and conditions were created (MOH order, demonstration operations, short courses of internship for doctors) for wide introduction of artificial limb implantation operations in ophthalmologic institutions of Ukraine. 

In the 80s, there was a significant strengthening of the base of the department by establishing a specialised ophthalmologic clinic in the street Metrobudovskaya, 12. In 1988, the construction of the Clinical Ophthalmological Hospital "Eye Microsurgery Centre" was completed, which, in the annual number of operations, became the absolute leader in Ukraine. The hospital has six specialised departments. Since 1996, the department of laser eye treatment has been organised; in 2002, the scientific and practical centre of methods for laser eye treatment was opened on its base. In 2002, the clinic established a "one day" patient department as an example of the organisation of ophthalmosurgery in the future, where a Professor Yu. M. Kondratenko conducts a major clinical and scientific work. The number of surgical interventions has risen to 20,000 per year. The introduction of new technologies has reduced the average bed-day to 2.3 (compared to country´s statistics of 6.7). Over a week, more than 500 patients are operated on, of which only a half are from Kiev. The hospital carries out surgical treatment of all eye diseases. The level of cataract surgery has grown to an excellent level compared to the world standard. The conducting of master classes in the so-called "live surgery", with participation, we can say without exaggeration, the best ophthalmologists in the world, such as Dr. F. Kruzafon (France), Akahoshi (Japan), showed that our Ukrainian specialists work at the level of world standards.

The Eye Microsurgery Centre became the base for the Department of Ophthalmology of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupyk. The scientists of the Department lead departments of the clinic, and a number of doctors of the clinic have scientific degrees.

The main direction of scientific research of the Department of Ophthalmology - the development of new methods for extraction of cataracts and implantation of artificial lenses, which received about twenty certificates of authorship. In 1998, a joint Ukrainian-American enterprise with the production of domestic artificial lenses (about 20,000 annually) was established in Kyiv. The Department provided training on implantation of artificial lenses to ophthalmologists of leading clinics in Ukraine and other regions of the former USSR - Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The statistical data showed a significant drop in cases of disability in relation to cataract in the republic, indicating a significant social effect of intraocular correction of aphakia. 

Professor M.M. Sergienko repeatedly presented reports at international congresses and conducted demonstrative operations on the implantation of artificial lenses at university clinics in Belgrade, Zagreb, Bagna-Luka and Budapest. He is the author of more than 350 printed scientific works including the monograph "Ophthalmic optics" (1982, 1991) and "Intraocular correction" (1990) and co-authored with Professor G. D. Zaboedov's textbook "Eye diseases" (1999). In 1978 - 2008, Professor M. M. Sergienko was the chief ophthalmologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Full Professor Sergiy O. RYKOV

Since 2009, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Sergiy Olexandrovych Rykov - Honoured Doctor of Ukraine (1998), chief ophthalmologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2004), has headed the Department of Ophthalmology. He is the author of more than 250 scientific works, textbooks and manuals on modern ophthalmology, of which the most well-known in Ukraine and abroad are: a reference book "Pediatric ophthalmologist's guide" (2003), an educational-methodical manual "Prevention of diseases of the organ of vision of children" (2003); a training manual "Organisation of work on the prevention of ophthalmic pathology in children" (2005); a training manual "Prevention of childhood blindness" (2005); a reference book "Eye diseases, treatment and prophylaxis" (2005); a textbook "Medicine of urgent conditions" (2008); an educational-methodical manual "Ophthalmology doctor in general practice (family doctor)" (2010).

Professor Rykov S. O. is a member of the Board on Health System Reforms under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2009), a Member of the Committee on the Appointment of the State Prizes of Ukraine in the Field of Medicine (2008), a member of the Specialized Council for the Defense of Candidate's Theses at the         P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy Postgraduate Education at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2003), Chairman of the Board of the Association of Pediatric Ophthalmologists of Ukraine. He has been awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2002), has become the winner of the First Prize of Hans Rekiewicz (2007), received the award at the national competition "Highest Standard" (2007).

Professor Rykov S. O. actively participates in international conferences in Ukraine and abroad. In the actives of Professor Rykov S.O. is mastering of candidate and doctoral dissertations, references to abstracts, reviews on monographs, textbooks, manuals. Under the direction of Professor Rykov S.O. 2 doctor and 17 candidates of medical sciences have been trained during the recent years.