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Treatment work of the Department of Ophthalmology is carried out at 15 clinical bases: Medical Center "Universal Clinic "Oberig" (LLC "KAPITAL"); NDSL "Okhmatdyt" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; Central Polyclinic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine; Ukrainian State Medical and Social Center of War Veterans; LLC "Medical Center "EYE CLINIC""; "OK Novy Zir" LLC; "VERUM" LLC; "Familia Medicus" LLC; Zir Hundred Percent LLC; MEDICENTER Ukraine LLC"; LLC "British Ophthalmological Center"; German Ophthalmological Clinic; "Laser Plus" Medical Center; KNP "Tetiiv Central Hospital" of Tetiiv City Council and PE "World of Health".

The surgical activity of the department's employees is on average about 1.5 thousand operations per year. Operative interventions are carried out both in a hospital and on an outpatient basis. Every week, employees of the department conduct examinations, rounds and consultations in polyclinics and inpatients of clinical bases, more than 7,000 consultations every year.

The main areas of medical work of the department are: minimally invasive ophthalmic surgery; new methods of surgical treatment of cataract with implantation of an artificial lens; diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma; diagnosis and treatment of vitreoretinal pathology; diagnosis and treatment of eye pathology in children; diagnosis and treatment of corneal diseases; diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases of the organ of vision; ophthalmoplasty and eye prosthetics, laser methods of treatment of eye diseases and oncophthalmology, etc. 

Addresses of the clinical bases of the Department of Ophthalmology: 

  1. Medical Center "Universal Clinic "Oberig" (TOV "KAPITAL"). 03057, Kyiv, str. Zoologichna, 3 building G. Phone: (044) 521 30 03.
  1. NDSL "Okhmatdit" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 01135, Kyiv, str. Vyacheslava Chornovola, 28/1. Phone: (044) 236 69 42.
  2. Central Polyclinic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. 01024, Kyiv, str. Pylypa Orlyka, 18, Phone: (044) 256 15 77.
  1. "OK Novy Zir" LLC. 04052, Kyiv, str. Hlybochytska, 17. Phone: (044) 230 80 80.
  1. LLC "Medical center "EYE CLINIC"". 03035, Kyiv, str. Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivskyi, 16 B, Phone: 0 800 333 707.
  1. "VERUM" LLC. 02000, Kyiv, str. Demeevska, 13, Phone: (097) 383 59 59.
  1. "Familia Medicus" LLC. 01133, Kyiv, str. Yevhena Konovaltsia, 34 A. Phone: 0 800 307 103.
  1. Zir Hundred Percent LLC. 02081, Kyiv, str. Dniprovska naberezhna, 23. Phone: 0 800 758 748.
  1. MEDICENTER Ukraine LLC. 03022, Kyiv, str. Mykhailo Lomonosov, 71 V. Phone: (044) 250 40 16.
  1. "British Ophthalmology Center" LLC. 01001, Kyiv, Krutyy Uzviz, 3 A. Phone: (044) 230 70 70.
  1. German Ophthalmological Clinic. 01001, Kyiv, Museum Lane, 2 B. Phone: (044) 520 77 77.
  1. Medical Center "Laser Plus". 79059, Lviv, st. Mykolaichuka, 9 Phone: (03222) 492 24.
  1. KNP "Tetiiv Central Hospital" of Tetiiv City Council. 09801, Tetiiv, str. Tsvitkova, 26. Bilotserkivsky district, Kyiv region. Phone: (04560) 513 38.
  1. PP "World of Health". 89600, Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region, str. Partizanska, 11. Phone: (03131) 430 01.
  1. Ukrainian State Medical and Social Center for War Veterans. 08455, p. Tsybli, Boryspil district, st. Lisova, 2. Phone: (045) 675 28 94, [email protected].

The department closely cooperates with such foreign partners as: the ColombianUniversity and the department of Ophthalmology of Lublin Medical Academy.

The department maintains business contacts with the departments and ophthalmological clinics of Russia, Germany, Poland, the USA, etc.

The clinical and consultation work of the department is carried out at the units of Kyiv City Clinical Ophthalmologic Hospital “Eye Microsurgery Center” and the Ophthalmologic Unit of the NCSH “OkhMatDyt”. This year number of surgical operations performed by the staff members, accounts for 75% from the total number of those performed at the clinical bases – about 11.000 operations. The surgical intervention are performed as at the in-patient, so at the out-patient departments.

The main clinical directions are:

- Diagnosis and treatment of the pathology of visual organs in children;

- Diagnosis and treatment of the cornea diseases;

- Diagnosis and treatment of vitreoretinal pathology;

- Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma;

- Minimal invasive surgery;

- New modes of cataract surgery including artificial lens implantation;

- Diagnosis and treatment of vascular visual organs diseases;

- Laser therapy of eye diseases;

- Oncoophthalmology;

- Studying the low radiation doses effects on visual organs;

- Developing new techniques for measuring optic aberrations;

- Developing a model of Ukrainian phacoemulsificator.