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Head of the department


Yuriy I. GOLOVCHENKO,  MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor, Honoured Scientist and Technologist of Ukraine


Tetiana M. Slobodin, MDDrSc., Full Professor,

Memberof Movement Disorders Society and theSocietyforNeuroscience;

Adviser of theinfectious andneurological unitsof Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 9.

Member of the Dissertation Advisory Committee in Nervous Diseases.

AreaofExpertize:extrapyramidal disorders (Parkinson's disease, Parkinson's syndromes, hyperkinetic disorders) andotherneurodegenerative diseases, anxiety disorders.


Tetiana I. Nasonova, Associate Professor,

Area of Expertize: diagnosis and treatment of patients with metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer's disease and dementia of another origin; inflammatory conditions of the nervous system. 


Tetiana V. Kolosova, Associate Professor,

Adviser of the Gastroenterological Unit of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 9,

Area of Expertize: peripheral nervous diseases, tunnel and compressive ischemic neuropathies, plexopathy, pain syndromes, facial pain, various polyneuropathies (toxic, infectious), brain and spinal vascular abnormalities: diagnosis, treatment.

Natalia I. Samosyuk, Associate Professor,

the highest qualification grade in Neurology,

Adviser in the Сlinic "Oberih", ENT Unit and Neurology Unit of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 9.

Area of Expertize: neurorehabilitation, epileptology, cephalgia.

Traineeship: Journées de Neurologie de Langue Française (Jnlf), France, Paris, neurological units of the university hospitals in   France (Strasbourg, Paris,  Pontoise, 2006-2007), Belgium  (Liège, 2010).