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The staff members focus on clinical and pathogenetic issues of diagnosis and treatment of vascular and neurodegenerative nervous diseases. As a result of the work it has been developed a quantitative approach to the analysis of the clinical and experimental data aimed at studying clinical and pathogenetic impact factors for the development of vascular and neurodegenerative nervous diseases.

In September and October, 2015 the staff members participated in:

XVI Ukrainian National Congress of Cardiology, Associate Professor M. A. Trishchynska, report: Topical Questions of Managing Patients With Cerebral Stroke Against the Background of Oral Anticoagulant Therapy;

Scientific Conference "Pain in Practical Neurology" (Kharkiv), Full Professor T. M. Slobodin, master class: "Back Pain. Current Trends of Combined Therapy",

V International Scientific Conference "Brain and Heart" (Odessa), Full Professor T. M. Slobodin

International Scientific Conference "Modern Approaches to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Nervous diseases", conveners - Full Professor Yu. I. Golovchenko, Full Professor T. M. Slobodin.