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There are five clinical sites of the department:

-  Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No.8 (3 surgical departments with 30, 50 and 40 beds, including a special department of mini-invasive surgery and phlebology). Regularly, every 3 days a week, the clinic is on urgent duty in Kyiv.

- MedicalHospital “Miskbud” of the company “Kyivmiskbud” (40 beds surgical department).

- Private Hospital “Mеdicom” (12 beds surgical department).

- Irpin Central City Hospital of Kyiv Region (45 beds surgical department).

- Vyshhorod City Hospital of Kyiv Region (50 beds surgical department). 

The following operations are carried out at the clinics of the department:

- laparoscopic operations;

- mini-invasive puncture technique operations using sonography supervision;

- surgery for stomach, duodenum, small and large intestine;

- cholecystitis and biliary surgery;

- surgical treatment of acute pancreatitis and its complications;

- urgent abdominal diseases operations;

- colorectal surgery, including stapled hemorrhoidectomy, Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal artery ligation;

- artery and vein surgery, including vein sclerotherapy, laser surgery;

- operations in case of hernia and complex abdominal wall defects, including those with the use of synthetic prosthesis, bio implants;

- surgery for hiatus hernia;

- cryosurgery.

Annually, the staff members of the department perform more than 300 operations; more than 5000 patients are given consultations. 

The head of the department Full Professor Palamarchuk V. I. is operating for median cervical cyst.