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Since 2016 at the Department the initiative-research research work on the theme: "Formation of key professional and humanitarian competencies of the doctor: pedagogical, psychological, legal aspects" is being performed.

The Pedagogy, Psychology, Medical And Pharmaceutical Law Department carries out the development of the following thematic areas:

  • Pedagogy and psychology;
  • Psychology of communication, the organization of interdisciplinary teams, prevention of psychological burnout;
  • Removal of psychological stress, work in stressful situations, teamwork, psychology of interaction with the wounded;
  • Quality Management System;
  • School of young teacher;
  • Medical law;
  • Pharmaceutical law;
  • Civil and commercial relations in medicine;
  • Solving legal problems of combatants (ATOs) affected during hostilities and forced displaced persons;
  • Master classes for creating effective multidisciplinary teams.

In addition, the department introduces a system of seminars and training programs for specialists in related fields, in particular, the development of methodological recommendations for investigators regarding criminal proceedings related to the medical component; thematic seminars for lawyers on the peculiarities of interaction with state institutions of health care, health care institutions and doctors (pharmacists); thematic seminars and trainings for employees of judicial and law-enforcement bodies regarding the peculiarities of medical cases reviewing.