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The main lines of investigation of the department are the following: the implementation of distant forms of education of doctors and pharmacists, principles of evidence-based medicine in the organization of scientific activities and telemedicine technologies; the creation of the mechanisms of information imaging of people's health during the life, the provision of succession and continuity of medical activities, the provision of information support for doctors in decision making, the improvement of quality of medical aid in Ukraine; the investigation of the issues of the automated attestation and teaching and controlling systems, individualization of the training; the development and implementation of the concept of common medical educational space and on-the-job training. 

Scientific, pedagogical, technological and organizational innovations of the department indicate its strong creative potential. Most of the investigations of the department are performed for the first time.

Only for the last five years among the scientific and technological information innovations there should be mentioned the creation of the system of distant estimation of knowledge in postgraduate medical and pharmaceutical education; the creation of electronic passport of the citizen of Ukraine; the substantiation of the automated working place of the pharmacy teacher; the substantiation of the student's electronic passport in the system of postgraduate medical education.

Among the scientific and pedagogical innovations there are the following: the creation of the adaptive building block system of self-education to provide the target level of training quality; the development of the principles of distant medical knowledge transfer and the scenario of the advanced training of doctors and pharmacists by means of distant education methods; the development of the normative basis of the system of continuing professional development (CPD) of doctors to provide high quality of medical aid for the population of Ukraine and joint project with International Solomon University concerning the training of specialists in medical law, economics of health care and medical biology. There have been prepared the guidelines of distant education in postgraduate medical (pharmaceutical) education. 

At present the staff members of the department conduct the following research works: "To develop the principles for the creation of the single state system of informational support of health care institutions" (state-financed, on the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine) and "Organizational and pedagogical principles of communicative approach in postgraduate medical education with the use of distant technologies" (initiative).

In 2006 at the initiative of Full Professor O. P. Mintser there was introduced the specialty 14.03.11 "Medical and Biological Informatics and Cybernetics" (medical and biological sciences) and created a specialized Academic Board D 26.613.10 for the defense of the thesis for the degree of Doctor (Candidate) of Sciences, which he had headed. The Board was opened in NMAPE.

The department is the initiator of All-Ukrainian public organization "Association of Specialists in Medical Informatics, Statistics and Biomedical Engineering" (APO "AMETIST"). The department together with this organization conducts international scientific and methodological conferences "Information Technologies in Health Care and Practical Medicine".

From June, 2011 there has been functioning the International All-Ukrainian Virtual Internet – workshop entitled "Innovation Processes in Medicine and Medical Informatics" (

For the last three years the teaching staff of the department has published 6 monographs, 8 teaching aids (including 4 in paper issues and electronic format), 5 guidelines, 4 articles in foreign journals, 82 articles in Ukrainian journals, 77 brief outline reports; there were made ​​37 international and 18 Ukrainian reports at the congresses, conferences, symposia and there were received 3 patents, 4 innovations.