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The initial scientific interests of the department were aimed at studying the dominant cerebral and residual deficiencies, in particular the affective psychoses in the adolescents, the comparative study of schizophrenia and early children’s autism, disintegrative psychoses.

Full Professor L. O. Bulakhova greatly contributed to the revival of genetics in psychiatric clinic, the treatment and diagnostics of hereditary diseases.

The other lines of the department’s scientific effort since 90th have been the issues relevant to forensic psychiatry. Psychotherapy and narcology became parts of the lines due to Full Professor V. D. Mishyiev.

Since 2011 the research work entitled “Differential Criteria of the Social State Value in Patients with Different Mental Disorders at the Final Stage of Inpatient Care” has been carried out at the department.  

6 Doctoral theses have been defended; 4 PhD theses are conducted at the department.

There have been above 700 scientific published works, among them 12 monographs, since the foundation of the department.

There have been obtained copyrights on 30 certificates of recognition.

The department is the main one in children’s and forensic psychiatry.