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The cycles of specialization and internship in specialties "Dermatovenereology" and "Pediatric dermatology " are being held at the department. All these cycles have the elements of remote education. The thematic advanced training cycles dedicated to the problems of Dermatooncology, Dermatoscopy, Rare and severe dermatoses in children and adults are created by staff members.

Numerous specialists such as general medical practitioners, specialists in laboratory researches as well as family doctors and therapists attend the courses of thematic improvement at the department. 

The department staff takes part in modern educational activities, including using the possibilities of Internet and social networks. Different materials dedicated to health promotion, healthy lifestyles as well as some aspects of educational work are regularly published on the department Facebook official page. The educational platform Medical Knowledge Hub that serves as a bridge between Ukrainian and English-speaking professionals is moderated with the help of staff members.