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The Department of Dermatovenereology (head - Full Professor O. H. Lur’ie) was founded in 1921.

In 1929 the staff consisted of two full professors, associate professors and assistant professors.

In 1978 it was organized the Department of Children’s Dermatovenereology, headed by Full Professor I. V. Shchutsky.

In 1993 the Department of Children’s Dermatovenereology united with the the Department of Dermatovenereology; Full Professor L. D. Kalyuzhna became the head of the department.

Since 1992 Kyiv City Clinical Dermatovenereological Hospital has been the clinical site of the department. The hospital includes clinical units with modern equipment as well as physiotherapeutic and balneological units and laboratories (clinical, immunological, serological, histopathological).

In 1996 Dermatovenereological Dispensary No. 4 became the clinical site of the department.

Heads of the Department of Dermatovenereology.

1. 1921-1949 - O. G. Lur’ie, Full Professor, Honored Scientist

2. 1949-1952 - A. P. Lavrov, Full Professor 

3. 1953-1954 - M. M. Koval, Full Professor 

 4. 1954-1956 - O. Ya. Degtyar, Full Professor

5. 1956-1957 - K. A. Karysheva, Full Professor

6. 1957-1958 - T. F. Zavarova, Associate Professor 

7. 1958-1960 - I. I. Pototsky, Full Professor 

8. 1960-1976 - K. A. Kalantaevska, Full Professor

9. 1977-1993 - B. T. Glukhenky, Full Professor

10. 1993 - 2014 - L. D. Kalyuzhna, Full Professor

11. Since 2014 - O. I. Litus, Associate Professor

The staff members are the active participants of congresses, forums and symposia in Ukraine and abroad.