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The training courses for foreign doctor trainees and clinical residents are carried out in the Department of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, Audiology and Phoniatrics.

The department staff members take active part in organizing international conferences and seminars. Assistant Yu. A. Mоlochek obtained a grant in 2002 and Ya. V. Shkorbotun, a postgraduate student, was awarded a grant in 2005 and 2006.They also took part in Salzburgh otorhinolaryngology seminar (Austria). Assistant Yu. V. Gavrylenko won a grant and worked on probation in 2013 at university hospital of Vienna. The department staff members take part in the international conferences, congresses, conventions, exhibitions. The scientific inventions by the department staff were awarded the golden medals and prizes from numerous international conferences. Full Professor A. L. Kosakovskyi was awarded the following Orders: Baronet (2008, Belgium), Officer (2009, Belgium), Commander (2010, Belgium) Order of Nikolay Pirogov (2012, Germany), a Gold Reflector (2012, Russia) for his inventions.

The department collaborates with the Institute of Physiology and Ear Pathology (Warsaw), Lublin Medical Academy, Nikolai Kopernik University (Poland) and the International School of Classical Homeopathy (Greece).

 The multi-centered and other scientific investigations are conducted on the order of scientific and research companies as well as pharmaceutical firms.

Presentations at international congresses, conferences and symposia in 2012-2015:

1. Ukrainian-Polish Scientific Conference "Past, present and future of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology" (December 3, 2011, Lviv). A.L.Kosakovskyi, I.A.Kosakivska. The use of electric welding technology in pediatric otorhinolaryngology.

2. 24th European Congress of rhinologists (17-21 June 2012, Toulouse, France) A.L.Kosakovskyi, I.A.Kosakivska, V.V.Siniachenko. The use of high-frequency electric welding of biological tissues in septoplasty in children.

3. 1st Congress of CE-ORL-HNS. 62 Congreso Nacional de la SEORL-PCF (July 2-6, 2011, Barselona-Spain). Kosakivska I.A., Kosakovskyi A.L.Surgical interventions on lymphadenoid pharyngeal ring  inchildrenby using high-frequency electro welding of biologic tissues.

4. Ukrainian-Polish Scientific Conference «ЄВРО-ЛОР-2012» (December 1, 2012, Lviv).  A.L.Kosakovskyi. Гострий риносинуїт у дітей

5. 2nd Meeting of European Academy of ORL-HNS and CE ORL-HNS    Otorhinolaryngology  & Head and Neck Surgery (27-30 April 2013, Nice, France). Ilona Kosakivska, Anatolii Kosakovskyi. Bactericidal action of  high frequency current.

6. Ukrainian-Polish Scientific Conference «ЄВРО-ЛОР-2013» (December 14, 2013, Lviv). A.L.Kosakovskyi. Стенози гортані у дітей.

7. Конгрес присвячений 10-річчю наукового товариства ринологів Болгарії - Косаковський А. Л.,Лікування хронічного тонзиліту та аденоїдиту у дітей  (4-6.07.14, Помор’є, Болгарія).

10. Ukrainian-Polish Scientific Conference «ЄВРО-ЛОР-2015» (May 23, 2015, Lviv).   A.L.Kosakovskyi. Хірургічні втручання на лімфаглотковому кільці у дітей   (23  травня 2015, Львів).