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Acting Head of the department


Anatoliy L. Kosakovskyi, MD, PhD, D. Sc., Full Professor, Honoured Rationalizer of Ukraine. Full Professor A.L. Kosakovskyi, head of the department, is a member of the European Association of Medical Education(2011), Acting Member of New York Academy of Sciences (1998) and the International Personnel Academy (UNESCO) (2000), Honored Member of the Consultative Board of International Biographical Center (Cambridge, Great Britain), a member of the Scientific advisors Board at American Biographical Institute, a medical commission member of Ukraine National Olympic Committee ( since 2003), Chief Children’s Otorhinolaryngologist of the MH of Ukraine (since 2003), President of the Pediatric Otorhinolaryngologists Association of Ukraine (since 2005), a member of the Certification Commission of MH of Ukraine.

Contact us:

ORL clinic

28/1 Chornovola Str., 03135, Kyiv
Phone (044) 236-94-48

Kyiv City Children's Clinical Hospital No.1
30 Bohatyrska Str., 04209, Kyiv,
Phone (044) 412-03-92

Е-mail:   [email protected]