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The training of prospective scientific personnel has always been a priority in the work of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery of Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine (the head of the department - professor S. Savoliuk), since all the activities of the department are primarily focused on innovations in surgery and their routine implementation in the daily work of surgical departments of the department's clinical bases.

Today, the department is conducting 9 dissertation studies under the scientific guidance of the head of the department, professor S. Savoliuk and Professor V. Khodos, the topics of which reflect modern aspects and trends in the development of minimally invasive surgery - minimally invasive endovenous phlebology (G. Melnychuk, K. Zabirchenko), endovascular surgery for obliterating pathology of main arteries (K. Khatsko), minimally invasive minimally traumatic proctology (D. Pochechuev, Yu. Veselovskyi), laparoscopic general abdominal surgery and simultaneous operations (E. Kruglyak), laparoscopic herniology (V. Lavrynets) with priority integration of quick recovery protocols.

Military aggression fundamentally changed our state, our society, and our life and work, including the work of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery and its format, turning it into a 24-hour regime at the department's clinical bases (Kyiv City Clinical Hospital8, etc.), which had a significant impact on changing the scientific problems of graduate students, in particular on the treatment and prevention of complications of combat injuries of limbs and soft tissue defects - V. Lipnytskyi (use of autovaccine and wound bacteriophages), E. Askerov and I. Zhgenti - surgical aspects of treatment and prevention of phantom pain syndrome during amputations and re-amputations of limbs due to combat trauma.

The work on the implementation of the planned dissertation research does not stop for a minute thanks to the constant consultation of the scientific supervisors and the great motivation of our graduate students to complete their scientific works on time, as evidenced by the regular certification of the graduate students at the cathedral meeting of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery.

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