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Nowadays the fact that the main vector of the development of surgery in the direction of minimal invasiveness is already indisputable. Modern technologies in medicine and in surgery, allow performing almost any volume of surgical interventions, minimizing actual surgical aggression, thereby facilitating and reducing the rehabilitation period of patients. In terms of surgical access in abdominal surgery, this technology is laparoscopic surgery.

For many years, laparoscopic surgery has been the main direction of development and the hallmark of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery of the Shupyk National Healthсare University of Ukraine (the head of the department - doctor of medicine, professor Serhiy Savoliuk). Employees of the department perform and demonstrate to students a wide range of planned and urgent laparoscopic interventions covering all levels of the abdominal cavity: starting with bariatric and antireflux surgery, ending with herniological operations and coloproctology. 

According to the calendar plan of thematic improvement cycles for 2024, trainees have the opportunity to learn laparoscopic technologies in 7 cycles: "Program of rapid recovery in abdominal surgery", "Laparoscopic technologies in emergency surgery", "Application of biowelding and other energies in surgery", "Innovative technologies in planned and emergency surgery", "Surgery and postoperative management of obesity and metabolic syndrome", "Laparoscopic operations in planned surgery", "Laparoscopic herniology".

The format of modern "live surgery" and the opportunity to take part in the clinical analysis of intraoperative and perioperative management of patients is something that always arouses the interest and interest of listeners from specialized surgical departments of state and private medical institutions.

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