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  1. Since 1999 the department has been part of the World Association of Psychopuncture; it concluded a treaty with Hallym Calehr Institute of Psychopuncture (Berlin, Germany).
  2. The staff members have had partnering with Dr. Sc. Harry F. Konig, Dr. Sc. Sidorenko in treating the peripheral nervous system diseases since 2002 (Köln, Germany) and with Dr. T. Usichenko, since 2001 (Munich, Germany).
  3. Since 2002 the department has cooperated with Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education (Poland).
  4. Since 2002 the department has had skill-sharing with China: the Chinese residents are trained at the department, our doctors are trained at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the participation in the scientific and practical conferences; the joint courses in Reflexology are planned to be at the department.