Lines of investigation:

1. Providing a high-quality surgical care to patients with the most severe cardiovascular diseases, including complex cardiac arrhythmias.

2. Training surgeons and therapists as specialists in timely diagnosis and modern surgical techniques for congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases, including severe arrhythmias which require surgery.

3. Methodical work (evolving curricula, manuals and text-books).

4. Coordinating the activities of the other cardiac surgery institutions as an expert scientific and health center.

5. Implementing the findings with the view of improving the quality of cardiac surgery care.

The department is the only one in Ukraine which trains cardiovascular surgeons, pediatricians, cardiologists, rheumatologists and others.

The staff members undergo the regular study courses in the Ukrainian and foreign hospitals and higher educational institutions.

Close upon 2.000 doctors specialized in different areas have been trained at the department since its creation.

The department works together with leading foreign clinics; the staff members have practical training abroad, they actively participate in conferences and congresses