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On September 1, 2023 at the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine (head of the Department - professor Savoliuk S.) 1st-year interns in the specialty "Surgery" began their training.

27 young specialists from different cities of Ukraine began their internship. Head of the Department of surgery and vascular surgery, professor Savoliuk S., after welcoming words, gave an introductory lecture about the internship training plan and tasks facing young doctors, requirements for the level of theoretical and practical training, paying attention to modern minimally invasive surgical methods of treatment, compliance with the principles of evidence-based medicine in surgery, providing treatment according to modern guidelines.

Employees of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery presented the schedules of lectures, seminars, practical classes, conferences, the duties of the department staff and interns in the clinic, presented the staff and equipment of the departments where the internship will take place.

At the end of the meeting, the staff of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery wished the young colleagues good luck and success in their studies.

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