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Head of the department

Volodymyr A. Zagoriy,
Dr. Sc. (Pharmacy), Full Professor,

is a principal expert in Industrial Pharmacy. Author of over 250 research papers, 7 monographs, 11 instructional guidance materials, 8 patents and author's certificates.


The staff members are fully engaged in molding the strategy for the advanced training of industrial pharmacists,  training clinical internship pharmacists and general internship pharmacists (clinical pharmacy course), internship doctors, resident physicians and doctors specialized in clinical pharmacology, pharmacological surveillance and phytotherapy, improving pedagogical excellence in the clinical pharmacology and clinical pharmacy teachers of higher education institutions of Ukraine.

Contact us:

Department of Industrial, Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology,

9 Dorohozhytska Str., 04112, Kyiv,
Phone (044) 467 14 13 

69 Verkhovynna Str., Kyiv,
3d floor of the clinical building.

13 Boryspilska Str., 02093,  Kyiv,
Phone (044) 566-68-78, 
Fax (044) 568-32-10

e-mail:  [email protected]