On May 26, 2021, within the framework of the XII International Medical Forum, a symposium "Topical issues of emergency medicine and disaster medicine" was held under the leadership of the presidium consisting of the President of the Pan-Ukrainian Association of  Specialists of  Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine  A. Rogov, Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine of Shupyk National Healthcare University of  Ukraine   A. Volosovets, Head of the Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medical Training of Shupyk National Healthcare  University of Ukraine G. Roshchin and the head of the Primary trade union organization of employees of the Center for Emergency Care and Disaster Medicine of Kyiv N. Stakhova.

The congress was attended by more than 200 participants. Among them were doctors from ambulance, doctors of emergency medicine and doctors of other specialties. On the symposium were presented 24 presentations on various issues on the organization of emergency medical care and features of diagnosis and treatment of emergencies of various kinds and a master class on emergency care. The event was attended by representatives of all departments of emergency medicine from all institutions of higher education and postgraduate medical education of Ukraine, representatives of the Pan-Ukrainian Association of Specialists of Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine, practitioners of emergency medicine and other specialties.

The reports of the congress addressed the following main program issues: new challenges in the field of emergency medical care; priority measures to reform emergency medical care in Ukraine in modern conditions; emergency medical dispatching in Ukraine; emergency medical care activities in the context of the SARS-cov-2 pandemic; temporary recommendations for the management of patients with diseases of the nervous system and COVID; neurological complications of the post-COVID period; information about toxicological centers as an element of emergency medical care in acute poisoning of chemical etiology; review of international protocols and recommendations for the treatment of emergencies of various etiologies.


Also an assistant of the Department of Emergency Medicine O. Kramareva had performed a master class on children emergency care.

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