From May 12, 2020 to May 22, 2020 at the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Law there was a cycle of general training for applicants for educational and scientific level of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in medicine and pharmacy 2018, part-time learning set.

During the spring session of 2020, the department provided part-time graduate students with teaching of two normative disciplines, namely: "Methodology and organization of the pedagogical process (training sessions)" (5 credits) and "Presentation of research results. Registration of intellectual property rights "(1.5 credits).

Quarantine measures that have been going on in Ukraine since March this year caused significant features and transformations in the organization of the educational process. Research and teaching staff of the department provided the formation and development of graduate students of pedagogical, psychological and legal competencies by conducting classes remotely online using the electronic platform Zoom.

For the first time in the history of the department, the educational process with graduate students continued completely remotely with extensive use of Zoom services, which allowed to conduct seminars and practical classes, work in small groups, introduce electronic forms of current and final control not only in the form of surveys and tests but using a wide range of interactive interactions with elements of the business game.

Thus, the staff of the department managed to ensure the educational interests of graduate students at the appropriate level, to promote the development of not only theoretical but also practical components of general humanitarian competencies for doctors and pharmacists which are necessary for scientific activity and effective solution of complex problems in practice within the scope of health care.

The staff of the department will continue to fully promote the growth of pedagogical, psychological and legal culture of graduate students and invites health professionals to visit online events of the department for continuous professional development of doctors.