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From April 15 to 17, the Twelfth Meeting of the BFHI Network of Country Coordinators was held in Lille, France.

This is an important meeting that is held every two years, where the policy and strategy of breastfeeding support and the development of the «Baby Friendly Hospital» initiative are formed.

More than 60 participants from 30 countries: all European countries, as well as Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Latin American countries.

Ukraine is always represented at this event. And in this time too, despite of the difficult challenges the current war.

Our country is one of the world leaders in this field. Up to 90% of all medical facilities in our country where babies are born or treated have this honorary title.

We are trying not to lose leadership, although it is not easy in the existing conditions: there is no adequate support from the state and UNICEF.

Associate Professor of the Department of Neonatology Olena Kostiuk and neonatologist, head of the breast donor milk bank in Lviv Perinatal Center Dr. Olha Shlemkevich presented the report «Two years of war in Ukraine. Breastfeeding: achievements and challenges».

There were also many interesting discussions regarding the promotion of the initiative and discussions of the situation that has developed in Europe and the world due to military conflicts and a large-scale war in Ukraine.

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