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Ludmyla Shevchenko, a associate professor, head of the department of language training and humanitarian disciplines at the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, and professor Anna Elissa Radke (The Philipps University of Marburg) have been trying since the beginning of the war to show students of classical languages how important it is that they learn these languages and thus make a decisive contribution in the struggle for humanity, freedom and democracy, since the foundation of these values was laid by Greco-Roman culture.

But Ludmyla Shevchenko not only shows her students the ancient texts, but also reads with them current neo-Latin literature that was created during this barbaric war and which makes the students realise that they themselves are part of the struggle for this culture.

Anna Elissa Radke has already written two books for school and university teaching: Laudes Ucrainae and Viaticum Forte: she wrote the second book at the request of the students, who asked if I would write a second book for them. And Anna Elissa Radke has called the book Viaticum Forte sc. a strong road food to overcome barbarian dangers. Education should act as a tonic against barbarism.

Anna Elissa Radke writes: «I would like to introduce Ludmyla Shevchenko as an exemplary teacher because she does not only teach with words and Latin texts, but by staying with her little children in her homeland she proves that she wants to defend the values of Europe and Ukraine with her life!».

And the two of us together are an example of international cooperation of educators who form the youth on the foundation of European values.

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