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At the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 1, interns of the 2nd year graduated, who successfully passed the intermediate exam, which included testing theoretical knowledge and practical skills according to the internship training program.

The educational part of training of second-year interns at the department for 3 months included the study of benign gynecological pathology, reproductive medicine, issues of urogynecology and precancerous gynecological pathology. Lectures and seminars were held, and practical classes included practicing practical skills on simulators and direct clinical work in the gynecological department and during shifts at the main base of the department - the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center.

The supervisor of the cycle, an assistant professor Kononets O.P. noted the conscientious attitude of intern doctors to training, their interest in mastering professional knowledge and practical skills, and the examiners (Full Prof. T.G. Romanenko, head of the department, Full Prof. O.V. Golyanovsky, associate professor O.V. Morozova, associate professor G.M. Zhaloba) noted their good theoretical and practical training according to the modern internship training program.

In turn, the 2nd year interns thanked the curator and department staff for the provided modern knowledge and preparation for practical work in the gynecological clinic, which was also reflected in anonymous questionnaires.

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