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On March 17, 2024, the Department of Emergency Medicine celebrated its 36th birthday. The historical path of the department began from the moment of its foundation according to the order of the Ministry of Health of the former USSR, the decision of the Academic Council of the Kyiv State Medical University and the order of the rector №71 of 17.03.1988.

The clinical base of the department is the Kyiv City Clinical Emergency Hospital and the Central Emergency Medical Aid Station of Kyiv.

The first head of the department was Prof. Y. Goyer (1988-1991) - a student of academician M. Amosov and Prof. O. Avilova, known for his unique operations on the esophagus, trachea and abdominal organs. In 1991, the Department was headed by Professor Ivan Zozulya, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, editor-in-chief and scientific editor of a number of scientific journals and Teacher of a galaxy of outstanding doctors and scientists. Since then, the focus of the Department's educational and scientific activities has changed significantly, based on the requirements of practical medicine and, in particular, emergency medical care. From 2019 to 2020, the Department was headed by Doctor of Medicine, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Excellence in Education, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine, Professor Borys Slonetskyi. Since 2020, the department has been headed by Anton Volosovets, MD, PhD.

The department is staffed by highly qualified specialists with extensive teaching experience, medical and scientific experience, who teach emergency and ambulance doctors, doctors of emergency departments, doctors of related specialties, and interns at a high methodological and scientific level.

Thank you, our dear colleagues, students and trainees, for your trust, desire to study at our university and for the opportunity to work side by side all these years!

With respect and gratitude, Department of Emergency Medicine.

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