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On February 16, 2024, the annual scientific and practical conference "Shalimov Days: Current Issues in Providing Surgical Care in Times of War" took place at the National Scientific Center of Surgery and Transplantology named after A.A. Shalimov of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

The main program directions of the conference included surgery of combat trauma, reconstructive surgery for the consequences of combat trauma, thoracoabdominal surgery, cardiac and major vascular surgery (heart and vascular injuries), hepatobiliary surgery, and their comprehensive perioperative and anesthesiological support.

The conference was attended by the staff of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery of the Shupyk Healthcare University of Ukraine: the head of the department, professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences Savoliuk S.I., and the assistant of the department, PhD Dembitsky A.R.

The conference was filled with topical and problem-oriented presentations that covered specific aspects of military surgery (such as gunshot wounds to the liver, features of tactical abbreviated surgical control of abdominal trauma, issues of surgical treatment of combat trauma of the duodenum and pancreas, surgical correction of vascular injuries from combat trauma, modern possibilities of thoracic surgery in treating injuries and patients in war conditions, problems of reconstruction and restoration of complex defects in soft tissues). Particularly interesting were the presentations of clinical cases of combat injuries and modern, especially effective and minimally invasive (laparoscopy, endoscopy, endovascular surgery) methods of their treatment, detailed analyses of clinical-organizational aspects of providing surgical care, as well as all relevant problematic issues and challenges facing medical (military and civilian) services, which are currently united in a single medical space.

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