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A team of employees of the department of cardiac surgery, endovascular and extracorporeal technologies and the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine started training in heart and lung transplantation in one of the most famous hospitals in the world - Stanford University Transplant Center (Palo Alto, California, USA).

It seems that it is still hard for us to believe it, but the dream is becoming a reality right now - the head of the department of cardiac surgery, endovascular and extracorporeal technologies, professor Boris Todurov, graduate student of the department Sofia Chaikovska, associate professor of the department Serhiy Sudakevych, Ihor Kuzmych, Mykola Melnyk - joined the team transplant specialists of the Stanford Hospital and together with them get the experience of transplantation in the American way.

Since its inception, Stanford Hospital has been a driving force in the development of world medicine. It was in these walls in the distant 1960s that Norman Shumway created the heart transplant technique and experimentally proved that heart transplants are possible.

Surgeons from all over the world came here to learn transplantation, and Christian Bernard, after such a visit, dared to perform the first ever heart transplant in Cape Town, using the surgical technique developed by Shumway. A month after this event, Norman Shumway managed to perform the first heart transplant in the United States.

Within 2 weeks, the team has already participated in 5 lung and heart complex transplants, flying to different states of America, participating in multi-organ organ harvesting, mastering the use of Transmedics lung and heart perfusion machines, learning the details of organ implantation.

The training continues, and we will share interesting information with you.

All for the health of our patients. We are moving Ukrainian medicine and transplantology forward!


Professor Boris Todurov together with the transplantology team had the honor of representing the Ukrainian medical community on the international stage, at one of the most famous universities in the USA - Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

During the speech, Boris Todurov spoke about the work of the Heart Institute during the war, the challenges facing us and our patients, showed the results of treatment of combat heart injuries and shared the experience of organizing transplant assistance during the war.

American colleagues received the speech very warmly with a desire for further support, and our team, in turn, expressed gratitude to the American people for everything they do for us, on behalf of Ukrainian society. Thankful Senator Bill Frist, M.D., President of Belmont University Dr. L. Gregory Jones, Dean Thomas F. Frist, Jr. College of Medicine Dr. Morgan Wills, Dr. Anderson Pickard, Dr. Ron Loeppke, Dawn Houston Eck, Peace and Development Foundation Chairman Rostyslav Semikov for their support and help.

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