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MykolaYe. POLISHCHUK, MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor, Corresponding Member of the NAMS of Ukraine, leading expert in the development of surgical treatment of acute disturbed cerebral circulation, cerebral injury in patients of different age, somatic pathology on the background of alcohol intoxication, issues of the combined brain injury, vertebral spinal trauma, organization of the emergency neurosurgical aid, expert in the development of standards and algorithms in neurosurgery, postgraduate training for neurosurgeons, the development of  legislative acts in health care, science, education, Chief Neurosurgeon of the Health Administration of Kyiv (1985-1995), Director of the Clinics of Neurosurgery of Emergency Hospital, Research Manager of the Clinic of Spinal Pathology of the Institute of Neurosurgery.

Author of about 350 scientific works, 13 monographs, 22 inventions, 63 rationalization proposals. Scientific supervisor of 38 PhD and 3 Doctoral theses. 

Since 2002 has been the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, head of the Committee on Healthcare, Maternity and Child Care. 


Oksana M. GONCHARUK, MD, Dr. Sc., Associate Professor.

Author of 52 scientific works, 4 monographs and 4 textbooks, co-author of a great number of educational publications.   


YuriyYe. PEDACHENKO, MD, PhD, Associate Professor.

Author of 73 scientific works and 1 patent.  


Andriy V. MURAVSKY, MD, PhD, Associate Professor.

Author of 62 scientific works, including 1 monograph.

Area of expertise: spinal pathology, craniocerebral injury, infectious inflammatory complications in neurosurgery.