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The Department of Neurosurgery closely cooperates with the staff members of the Institute of Neurosurgery named after Academician A. P. Romodanov. The main lines of investigation are the following:

  1. Diagnostics and treatment of surgical pathology of the brain vessels.
  2. Diagrammatic diagnostics of neurosurgical pathology of the brain vessels.
  3. Neurosurgical diagnostics of the tumors and traumatic injuries of the brain.
  4. Surgical treatment of the intracranial hemorrhages and injuries of the brain.
  5. Neurosurgical diagnostics and treatment of the pathology of the spine and spinal cord.
  6. Combined and multiple trauma of the central nervous system.
  7. Study of the peculiarities of the brain injury in patients of different age and against the background of alcohol intoxication and somatic pathology.
  8. Organization of the emergency neurological aid. Intensive therapy and anesthesia in neurosurgery.
  9. Pain syndromes in neurology and neurosurgery.

The staff members of the department have published 58 monographs, 17 textbooks, 36 educational lectures, 997 scientific works. There have been received 48 inventor’s certificates, 150 rationalization proposals. There have been published 39 methodological recommendations.

The staff members actively participate in the international, All-Ukrainian conventions, congresses, conferences, take part in the political life of Ukraine.

Throughout its existence the department has trained 18 MD, Drs. Sc., and 132 MD, PhDs; 102 doctors graduated from the post-graduate studies.