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Olena V. Tkachenko, head of the department, MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor,

Author of over 200 published works, including 10 monographs and manuals, 2 invention patents.

Area of Expertise: pathomorphosis and adaptation and compensatory possibilities of the organism in neurological diseases, particularly in cerebrovascular disease, lesions of the peripheral nervous system, craniocerebral injuries, infectious and inflammatory diseases of the nervous system and somatic diseases.

Member of the editorial boards of journals “Internal Medicine”, “Ukrainian Neurological Journal”; member of the editorial board of the National Journal of Neurology (Azerbaijan).

Full Professor O. V. Tkachenko is the Vice-Chairman of the Specialized Council D 26.613.01 on Defense of PhD and doctoral theses in specialty 14.01.15 “Nervous diseases” and the Chairman of the Dissertation Review Committee in Neurology. 

MD, PhD, Associate Professor, 

Author of 111 published works, including a manual and a reference book, 16 innovation proposals.

Visiting advisor of the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Clinical Hospital "Feofaniya" of the State Management of Affairs and the Central Clinical Hospital of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

MD, PhD, Associate Professor,

Doctor of the highest qualification grade in Children's Neurology.

Author of 38 published works, 3 inventions.

MD, PhD, Assistant Professor,

Author of 10 published works.

MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, doctor of the highest qualification grade in Neurology,

Author of 47 published works, including a manual and 2 information letters.