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Lines of investigation:

  • compensatory and adaptive grounds of the nervous system in disease (scheduled research);
  • clinical and diagnostic peculiarities of cerebrovascular pathology;
  • clinical and diagnostic characteristics of hydrocephaly progression trial;
  • clinical and diagnostic peculiarities of the peripheral nervous system disorders (polyneuropathy, radiculopathy);
  • modern approaches to studying the problems of the nervous system disorders in patients with somatic diseases.

Theses for a variety of scientific trends aimed at studying the central and peripheral nervous system pathology are under performance at the department.

MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor Ye. V. Tkachenko, head of the department, is Vice-Chairman of the Specialized Council D 26.613.01 on Defense of PhD and doctoral theses in specialty 14.01.15 “Nervous diseases”, member of the editorial boards of journals “Ukrainian neurological journal”, “Internal medicine”; she is also a member of the advisory board of “National Journal of Neurology” (Azerbaijan).

Full Professor Ye. V. Tkachenko headed the writing team engaged in the development of programs and computer tests for the internship and pre-certification courses in Neurology.

There have been published the following scientific and methodological manuals and monographs by the teaching staff:

  • Actual neurology (selected lectures);
  • Brainstem: anatomic and physiological bases of the impairments;
  • Anatomic and physiological bases of spinal cord impairments;
  • Neurological aspects of epileptology;
  • Ischemic stroke;
  • Chernobyl catastrophe: pathological anatomy and pathomorphosis of some diseases;
  • Essays on ecological pathology;
  • Lectures on general physiotherapy;
  • Encyclopedic physiotherapy dictionary;
  • Osteochondrosis of lumbar spine (constitutional aspects, clinical signs, diagnostics, treatment);
  • Pain lumbosacral syndromes (clinical and paraclinical features of the course, underwater vertical traction treatment).