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The following courses are conducted at the department: 

specialization in Internal Medicine, duration - 5 months (for the doctors who graduated from the internship in "Medicine"), 3 months (for the doctors who graduated from the internship in "General Practice - Family Medicine");

training in Internal Medicine, duration - 1 month, 3 months or 6 months (for therapists who graduated from the internship in "Internal Diseases" and have the interrupted professional experience for one reason or another);

pre-certification course in Internal Medicine, duration - 1 month;

thematic advanced training in Pharmacotherapy of the Internal Diseases, duration - 2 weeks;

internship in Internal Diseases, duration - 2-year full-time training: 6 months – the 1st year, 5 months – the 2nd year.

The self-financing training is possible (postgraduates of all thecourses, interns).

Training clinical residents, masters and postgraduate students is conducted.

The lectures, seminars and practicals are held in the classrooms of the department by all the teachers in different sections of therapy with the use of modern methodical material and equipment. The clinical discussions are held in the training rooms and the units of the base centres.

Teaching Languages - Ukrainian, Russian.