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The staff members of the Department of Dental Orthopedics give consultations to the patients with the use of additional and special methods of examination, including the diagnostics of complications and prosthetics in case of intolerance to metal included in dental prostheses, consultations in case of systemic diseases (excessive attrition of teeth, periodontitis, parodontosis, temporomandibular joint dysfunction), rehabilitation of patients with traumatic injuries of teeth. 

The staff members are involved in such processes as:

Carrying on a comprehensive reception of patients including additional and specialized survey techniques.

Treating patients by means of the up-to-date fixed and removable orthodontic apparatus with using innovatory technologies and materials.

Treating the systemic diseases (pathologic brygmus, periodontitis, temporal-mandibular joint dysfunctions) as part of the comprehensive multidisciplinary intervention.

Seeing both patients referred by the medical dental institutions and those who appeal for the help directly.