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The department was founded in 1968 on the base of the reorganized Department of Military and Medical Training as a course of civil defense medical care.

The first head of the course in 1968-1970 was Associate Professor M. D. Davygora.

 In 1970-1971 the acting head of the department was Associate Professor V. G. Khodzytsky.

 In 1971 the course was reorganized into the department. In 1971-1986 the head of the department was Senior Researcher M. P. Kotliarevsky.

In 1986-1989 the department was headed by MD, Dr. Sc. V. G. Mashkovsky, and in 1989 - 1996 it was headed by Associate Professor M. V. Natsiuk.

In 1990 the department was reorganized into the Department of Emergency Medicine. Since 1996 the department has been headed by MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor H. H. Roshchin; the department became clinical.

In 1998 the department became the core one among those in postgraduate education.

In 2015 the department was renamed the Department of Emergency Medicine and Military Medical Training.