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The staff members actively participate in holding congresses, conferences, meetings of the chief freelance experts on the issues of combustiology and plastic surgery. They are members of the specialized scientific boards in Surgery; members of the editorial boards of the journals “Klinichna Khirurhiia” (Clinical Surgery), “Khirurhiia Ukrainy” (Surgery of Ukraine), “Plastychna ta Rekonstruktyvna Khirurhiia” (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), “Khirurhiia Dytiachoho Viku” (Surgery of Infancy).

Lines of investigation.

To develop methods for early surgical treatment of superficial and deep dermal burns; develop methods for preventive surgical treatment of subfacial burns in case of thermal and electrothermal lesions; conservative  treatment of postburn hypertrophied and keloid scars; surgical rehabilitation of patients with postburn contractures and joint deformity; early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of septic complications in case of extensive deep burns; replantation of extremities and their segments, which were amputated due to trauma; treatment of acute extremity injuries; treatment of severe hand injuries; restoration of peripheral vascular disruptions, nerves, hands and fingers tendons and their sequences; surgical treatment of adactylous hands, microsurgical treatment of Dupuytren's contracture; all kinds of mammary gland, face, extremities aesthetic and  rejuvenation operations, urogenital operations, treatment of male and female transsexualism; treatment of the maldevelopment of limbs, auricles, alopecia, etc.