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During the first half of 2024, three scientific and practical professional schools-seminars were held - Interdisciplinary Alliance: Surgery and Anesthesiology, which is held with the assistance of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Association of Continuing Professional Education of Doctors and Pharmacists, specialized associations of surgeons and anesthesiologists.

Moderation of these expert-class events was entrusted to the head of the department of surgery and vascular surgery, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Professor S. Savoliuk.

The topic of the event covered reviews of modern consensus documents on perioperative analgesia strategies and the degree of its adequacy in the context of rapid recovery surgery, treatment and prevention of acute and chronic pain syndromes, modern recommendations on critical obstructive jaundice, modern aspects of minimally invasive proctology, local influence in surgery of chronic wound defects, diabetic foot syndrome and chronic wounds, aspects of antibiotic resistance and ways of its prevention and intensive therapy of emergency conditions in surgery and anesthesiology

As part of the scientific program, reports were presented by the head of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery professor S. Savoliuk, which related to the tactical aspects of the choice of surgical tactics for the treatment of critical forms of obstructive jaundice, perioperative support of minimally invasive proctology and the principles of the therapeutic strategy of chronic wound defects of various etiologies, with an analysis of interesting practical cases.

Professional discussion, a large number of questions, expert opinions of specialized specialists made the event interesting and full of useful, relevant information.

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