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In May 2024, with the support of the NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians), a training on tactical medicine TCCC-CMC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Combat Medic/Corpsman) was held.

The training included a theoretical part, which was conducted online under the guidance of instructors from the United States and Ukraine, and covered topics such as assessing the condition of a casualty on the battlefield, evacuating a casualty, reviewing and using the MARCH-PAWS protocol at various stages of medical care on the battlefield, triage of casualties on the battlefield, issues of pain management, antibiotic therapy and emergency medical care in case of head and eye injuries, burns and fractures.


The practical part of the training included practicing methods of examining a patient in accordance with the MARCH-PAWS protocol, evacuating victims, stopping massive bleeding, ensuring airway patency, assisting with various types of pneumothorax, applying bandages and splints to the affected limbs.


Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine  Volosovets A.O. and Assistant of the Department Boiko A.V.  took part in the training. The knowledge and competencies gained at the training by the staff of the Department of Emergency Medicine will be implemented in the educational process of the Department and will improve the quality of training of students at the Department.

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