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On March 7, 2024, a scientific and practical professional conference "Issues of polygamy in multidisciplinary patient management" was held, organized by the Ukrainian Academy of Surgery.

As part of the scientific program, reports of the head of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine, were presented at the sectional meetings. N. Professor Serhiy Savolyuk, who summarized the accumulated cathedral treatment experience of complex and urgent surgical problems.

Thus, in the report "Approaches to the analgesia of patients with a surgical profile" a solution to the complex surgical problem of modern minimally invasive surgery was presented, in which a number of traditional hospital diagnoses were brought into the orbit of ambulatory surgery and a one-day hospital thanks to the integration of minimally traumatic techniques and the concept of a multimodal early recovery program (minimally invasive herniology, proctology and phlebology).

In the report "Principles of prevention and treatment of phantom pain syndrome in surgery" the surgical emphases of the primary prevention of phantom pain syndrome in the performance of primary and secondary surgical treatment of combat trauma of the limbs, features of performing primary amputations and secondary reamputations, diagnosis of neuritis, features of treatment of damaged nerves with their muscle transposition and treatment of bone canals.

The report "Optimization of wound treatment by the method of vacuum therapy" summarizes the accumulated experience of the cathedral in the use of negative pressure therapy for complications of combat trauma of soft tissues of the body and limbs and their purulent-septic wound complications at all stages of reconstructive and restorative treatment.

The reports caused a lively discussion with the discussion of extremely complex issues of modern injury surgery.

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